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Author Topic: How do you have your CNC accessories wired? (Dust collections, vacuum, ect?)  (Read 1370 times)

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I'm still working toward getting my setup to be user-friendly, and I was wondering how everyone has their various accessories setup to be controlled when starting/ending a job.  I will eventually have a dust collector, spindle cooling pump, vacuum system, misting system, and probably another thing or two that I haven't even considered yet.  I won't be using all of these things all of the time, so I can't combine them into a single switch.  I was curious if anyone uses Mach to control anything besides a misting system?  I had been worrying about forgetting to plug in the spindle cooling pump, but I soon found out that the spindle won't even rev up without the pump being on.  That was a relief.

It's a slight inconvenience to run around switching things on and off.  It would just be nice to stand in one spot and be able to control everything
I have a separate Plc to handle all buttons selectors and additional outputs. So Shop vac operates from toggle action push buttons on two sides. Selector inputs go to plc so if I don't like the way something works I change code not wires.