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Author Topic: Mach1 mill misses to drill holes  (Read 4850 times)

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Mach1 mill misses to drill holes
« on: March 22, 2015, 04:41:51 AM »
I have iregulary issue with my mill under Mach1. Sometimes it skips to drill some holes in the file and continues  to drill the others. When I check the drill file (looking at the listing) or with CNC viewer, all is ok.
So, I cant find where is the problem.
Any help will be appreciated.
There is a segment of drill file:

(Created 21-03-2015 15:10)
(ISO G-Code - Non Modal)
(Drill diameter 1.09 mm/0.043")
N0001 T06 M06 S15000
N0003 G81 X1.981 Y4.1 Z-0.2800 R0.0500 F12.00
N0005 X2.121 Y4.1
N0007 X1.971 Y4.575
N0009 X1.971 Y4.666
N0011 X1.971 Y4.757
N0013 X0.946 Y4.8
N0015 X0.946 Y4.9
N0017 X0.747 Y5.475
N0019 X0.747 Y5.675
N0021 X1.32 Y6.05
N0023 X1.32 Y6.25
N0025 X1.23 Y7.28
N0569 X10.971 Y11.6
N0571 X14.421 Y11.6
N0573 X14.721 Y11.6
G00 X0 Y0