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Author Topic: PLCM-E3 Motion Controller trips out when moving toolpath image in Toolpath window.  (Read 2017 times)

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I'm using a PLCM-E3 motion controller which has worked well for the few jobs I have used it for so far. Today I'm having a problem with the motion controller tripping out when I move the image in Toolpath with the mouse. The error that comes up is "Device not connected". I have no way of talking to the manufacturers, they don't respond to email and they have taken their website down, so any help would be appreciated.

I've heard of a similar complaint in the past by someone, could this be a known issue maybe?


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It is sort of an issue with Mach in that the graphic display uses a lot of resources and if using the parallel port and rotating the toolpath whilst code is running, it can interrupt the pulse flow from the Parallel Port and cause motors to stall or lose position.
This will not be a problem with an external controller as the external controller is doing the pulsing, it may however be the same issue that is causing the controller to lose communications with Mach. That could happen if the buffer is small and the rotating of the toolpath is enough to interupt the flow of data to the buffer such that it empties.
 I am not familiar with the controller you have but there may be a setting in the plugin that allows you to increase the size of the buffer.

Thanks Hood, that makes a lot of sense. I'll have a look at the plugin. The controller is not too bad, but getting support from the manufacturer is not easy. 
It does look like a pretty decent manual though.
Here is a clip:

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Thanks Russ for the pointer, it looks like the answers are all there.
Hood was spot on, as usual.
Just thought I'd reinforce his reckoning with the mfg. doc.

Thanks Russ, it was a great help.