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Author Topic: MP-03 ModIO pendant issues  (Read 4245 times)

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MP-03 ModIO pendant issues
« on: March 14, 2015, 03:14:01 AM »
Hi all,

Got very strange behavior from my ModIO MP-03 pendant from Homan Designs - up until the last two weeks it's been working perfectly but since then, I'm having issues I can't seem to resolve.

Setup -
Windows 2000 running Mach 3 V3.043.066
Gecko 540 motor drivers on 4 motors, dual drive on Y axis
USB SmoothStepper v17f
MP-03 pendant, running the plugin version 2.5

What's happening is this - once Mach3 starts, the pendant is displaying the axis positions correctly, both in machine coordinates and work piece coordinates, and correctly indicating if the EStop alert has been triggered(the red ESTOP LED flashes . On successful EStop reset, the pendant LED goes out. However, the pendant remains OFF mode, regardless of what position the left or right 12 position switches are in.

Looking at the MP-03 page in Mach3, under the MPG Status, MPG tick and counts both remain at 0.

Going to Function Cfgs/Setup Modbus Serial Control, the configuration is setup as per the plugin help file; going top the Test Modbus screen, the port (com 1 at 57600 baud, 8-1-n) with slave address 6 opens with no error, but trying to read the registers results in a timeout error. Slave address is the default, 6.

Anyone got any ideas? I'm tearing my hair out, been trying to get this sorted for a week - the fact that the coordinates are displaying and the EStop led is working makes me think it is communicating with Mach3 at some level, but otherwise I'm stumped.

Thanks in advance