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Author Topic: limitations on trial version?  (Read 1790 times)

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limitations on trial version?
« on: January 29, 2015, 05:44:08 PM »
Planning to build a Rockcliff design CNC router. A trial download of Mach3 came with the plans. Trial versions always have some kind of limits to them. Can anyone tell me if it it time limited or the type of work that you can do is restricted? My test projects are in the line of 7" by 18" max.
Are there graphics cards that are more ideal for mach 3 other than the required 1/2 gig of ram?

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Re: limitations on trial version?
« Reply #1 on: January 29, 2015, 06:56:58 PM »
It's limited to 500 lines of g-code.
Run From Here does not work.

And a few other things that you probably wouldn't notice.

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