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Author Topic: New ESS works but has problems with Spindle, Motor Tuning and Limit SW  (Read 2486 times)

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So I just installed a new windows 7 64 computer and OS and ditched my PP C10 CNC4PC BOB. I hooked everything up to the ESS directly with crimp on female pins. Everything works, but there's a few bugs I can't figure out.

1. When everything is turned on to the time I launch Mach3 the spindle rotoates a little. The VFD is on and at it's slowest speed. I'm using a C6 Spindle Control and obviously it's getting a little power from somewhere. It turns on, but when off it still moves.
2. The limit switches do not work despite the imported XML files from my last Mach install.
3. The motor tuning seems to do nothing. No setting makes the slightest difference while in the motor tuning page.

Please help.