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Author Topic: Mill with NC Pod and latest Mach only moving one direction on X, Y, and Z  (Read 44540 times)

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Hi  Guys,

I have a new NC Pod control box hooked up to my four servos (X, Y, Z, A) on my Sherline mill. Most of the required functionality seems to be working with the exception that when I jog on any axis they only go one direction. X only moves to the right. Y only moves the table away from me, Z only goes up towards the sky and I have no idea what Z is doing other than trying to nap.

On my diagnostics page the green light list illuminated for Digitize. The following three buttons are illuminated in yellow:

M1 Home
M2 Home
M3 Home

Does anyone have any idea what settings I need to change in order to get this working normally?

Thanks in advance,
Terry Wellman

Re: Mill with NC Pod and latest Mach only moving one direction on X, Y, and Z
« Reply #1 on: February 12, 2014, 02:37:20 PM »
OK, I'm messing with this machine and trying to get it to work so that it will make parts along with my other Mach 3 machines.

The good news is that I am able to get all four axes moving properly via g code entries to the MDI. However, when I use the MPG via the Tab key or use the keyboard arrow buttons, I can only get the table and spindle to move in one direction, not both.

I am able to run some simple 2.5D programs on it. I hope to test with some simple 3 and 4 axis programs this week.

An addition problem is that Mach is not remembering the fixture settings on this machine.

 I bought this NC Pod system last summer. It hasn't worked correctly since initial installations and I only did it to get the machine off of Desk CNC and onto Mach 3. Is there anyone who understands enough about NC Pod and Mach 3 to help me get it operating properly?