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More ATC Pics. 
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Better pics
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CNC4XR7 designed the ATC screen, Offsets screen and the bitmap images. CNC4XR7's  macro keeps track of the tools in the carousel along with the tool table in a way that I have never seen.  To run the Tool side of the macro was explained to me but I cannot share the program since it is not my property.  The macro keeps track of what tool is in the spindle and will place the tool back in the slot that it came out of when the Gcode calls to change tools.  If the tool 2 from the tool library came out of slot 4, when the Gcode calls for a tool 3 in slot 10, the carousel will rotate to slot 4 first to drop off tool 2 then go get tool 3 in slot 10 and load it in the spindle.  If I want tool #5 that is in slot7 having a touch screen I just touch on the red #7 for slot 7 and the carousel will go get that tool and load it.   I can share how the body of the macro and what it is doing but not how the tools are slected from the tool carousel.   Terry helped me with the initial macro and taught me what and how to use VB.  Without these two outstanding individuals and there knowledge, it would of taken me a life time to figure out how to make the M6start macro run the ATC.  Well I will post when I progress more.  Thanks for reading.