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Author Topic: Mach for win64 kit and probing scripts. Machine will not start probe sequence  (Read 1908 times)

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I am running Mach 3 version 3.043.067, win 7 64bit. With a Mach for win64 kit. I can run my machine just fine. Have working homing switches and a triquetra probe kit. For some reason I cannot get any probing scripts to run. The triquetra script will ask for touch of probe, bit size, and if I want to zero all axis or jut z. No matter which way I select (Z only or all) none of the axis will move to probe. I can use ref all home and that works just fine but no probing scripts. I have tried 9 different scripts located on various support forums and none work. Does anyone have any ideas?  I am about 6000 hairs down and pulling more by the minute. I am thinking this is either a setting issue or perhaps the Mach for win64 kit. Thanks in advance.

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Hi Russell,

Check with Stepper3 LLC to ask if their board supports probing. Also ask their opinion on using version 067 as there are problems with this version and others (not using the S3 board) have reverted to version 062.

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I had a problem with mine and had to go to Confg, Ports & Pins, Input Signals, Probe and uncheck the Active Low for the probe. The light next to the Digitize under the Input Signals current State on the Diagnostics page went out and everything works fine now. Hope this will work for you.
I guess that I should have come back here and posted an update. It is the board that will not allow probing. The good folks at Stepper3 LLC have made an offer to swap out the board for the new one (it does not support probing in Mach3) however as I am not about to spend that kind of money on Mach4 they have now just completed the fix to use the new board with Mach3 and are currently testing. If all goes well the new board and revisions should be out within a week and they have graciously offered to swap out my old board for the new one. AWESOME customer service if I say so myself. Thanks Okiegals for the reply though. Once I have had the new board for a bit I will finish this post off with some information and my thoughts on this new board. Love the old one just can't probe is all.
hopefully that will work and give you the setup you want.
Everything else works great just need probing for accuracy. Is the last piece.......ya sure it is......lol