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Author Topic: slaved machine running opposite master... z going up when it should be going dow  (Read 1761 times)

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I have built a Joes Evo machine with some minor modifications, using Joes plates.  In Mach 3 I have the Left side as the Y axis and the opposite side, as the A (slave) axis.  If just the Y is engaged, it works fine, although not as stable as if the two were running in concert. In a similar vein, the z axis seems to be going up when it should be going down.  (running the open sign path from vcarve)  Everything that has been a major crisis initially so far has turned out to be a simple fix,   I have read and re-read the Mach 3 manual and all of the other materials I have, and this one has me puzzled.  I am sure I am missing something.

I have Mach 3,   Joes Plates, velox 10:1 z slide with drop plate, CNCRP nema 23 kit, gecko 540.    I haven't put alot of time into the ESS from Warp9, figured I would incorporate that later, as things seem to be progressing nicely without it.
Thanks, John

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Config menu then Ports and Pins then Motor Outputs  page, change the active state for the Dir pin of the axis you want to reverse.