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Author Topic: What is proper way to program for multiple parts in fixture  (Read 2189 times)

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What is proper way to program for multiple parts in fixture
« on: October 21, 2014, 09:31:08 AM »
I have a job upcoming that will require me to make a fixture plate that will hold (ideally) 24 parts at a time.  
I have never really used a fixture with this many parts before.
In order to save me from selecting the same contours over and over again in my Cad/Cam software (solidcam) I know that it would be best to just select one peice and then use Macros to repeat the code at different locations.
My question is to you for advice as to what the BEST method is for doing this?  
Without very little work in solidcam it generated the code but it used WHILE statements.  Which I have found are not compatible with Mach software (DAMN THIS COULD HAVE BEEN EASY!!!)

Each part will need several operations with several tools.

is it best to set each part to have its own unique coordinate system?  
(I assume I would hand code a bunch of G10's at the begining of the code for each of the parts location, then after running the first part in presumably g54 there would need to be a macro to increment the offset to g55 and so on and repeat the code???)

Is it best to use an incremental or absolute move after part 1 and then rerun the code?
(I worry that the gcode genereated by my cam software would have Absolute movements inside of it and it would end up back at part 1)

Is there another way that I am totally glazing over that i have yet to discover.
I would like to do this the best and most accurate way possible.

Also currently I am not concerned with having the CAM software/post processor automatically do this.  I am seeking knowledge as to what the best method is and then I will go down that road with the Cam/Post processor

Thanks for your help

Re: What is proper way to program for multiple parts in fixture
« Reply #1 on: October 21, 2014, 03:09:16 PM »
Have a look at the Nesting Wizard, it allows you to machine a grid of parts from the code for one, you may be able to machine your fixture plate the same way.
I had some nominally L-shaped parts that needed to be in pairs "head to toe" to get the most from the material so I did the Cad/Cam for a pair and then nested the pairs in a grid,

 - Nick