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Author Topic: THC300 Question on Z height resetting after each cut  (Read 1770 times)

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THC300 Question on Z height resetting after each cut
« on: September 19, 2014, 02:04:53 PM »
I've been using the THC300 for years and it still works great. My latest job was basically cutting a bunch of 2.5 inch circles. I thought I should just probe once for the first cut and since the next cut is so close I would not have to probe again. But it seemed like when I started on the next cut it must be remembering the original height from the first probe. As my sheet was drooping in the middle it would stop seeming that the torch was too high. How do I maintain the adjusted Z height on the next cut?

Here the first couple of cuts from my gcode:
Code: [Select]
N0010 %
N0020 G20 G53 G90
N0030 G0 Z .25
N0040 G0 X0.0 Y0.0
N0050 M900
N0060 M05
N0070 G0 Z0 .25
N0080 G0 X-.385 Y0.0
N0090 Z .18
N0100 M03
N0110 Z .06
N0120 G1 F100.
N0130 G90 X-.465
N0140 G3 I.465 J0.0
N0150 X-.4581 Y-.0796 I.465 J0.0
N0160 G1 X-.3793 Y-.0659
N0170 G0
N0180 M05
N0190 G0 Z0 .25
N0200 G0 X-1.365 Y0.0
N0210 Z .18
N0220 M03
N0230 Z .06
N0240 G1 F100.
N0250 X-1.285
N0260 G2 I1.285 J0.0
N0270 X-1.2825 Y.0799 I1.285 J0.0
N0280 G1 X-1.3624 Y.0849
N0290 G0
N0300 M05
N0310 G0 Z0 .25

And here's my probe M900 macro:
Code: [Select]
Option Explicit Dim    TorchHeight, SwitchTravel, PierceDelay,TCutHeight PierceDelay = getUserDRO (1001) code "G28.1 Z.2" While IsMoving() wend TorchHeight = GetUserDRO(1000) SwitchTravel = GetUserDRO(1002)
TCutHeight = (getUserDRO (1003)) code "G92Z0"
code "G0Z"  &  (SwitchTravel) While IsMoving() wend
code "G92Z0"
code "G0Z0.25" While IsMoving() wend

Thanks for any help.
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