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Author Topic: Possible Mach3 G-code interpreter error  (Read 5546 times)

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Possible Mach3 G-code interpreter error
« on: August 20, 2014, 12:22:10 PM »
I believe there is an error in Mach3 G-code interpreter. The G-code problem only occurs when the machine uses 4th axis movements. The errors occur with G00 calls for movement in X and Z after moving the 4th axis. The G00 calls “lock” the X and Z axes, their motors emit high frequency buzz but don’t move. This code was developed in SolidCam. Maybe I’m overlooking an error in the code. My opinion is the X and Z registers in Mach 3 are loading with incorrect values telling the axes to move faster than they're able to move. This is a mill with 4th axis attachment. The axes use stepper motors and have no DRO feedback to monitor the true position.

The problem lines for X axis are N130, N244, N358, N472, N788, N902, N1016, N1130

The problem lines for the Z axis is N670, N1328.

The other reason I believe there's an interpreter error is this G-code can be run from MDI screen with no issues. I've even tried changing the G00 calls in the offending lines to G01 calls with specific feedrates and the machine continues to lock down.

Code: [Select]
N2 (TOOL 1 - DIA 0.125)
N4 G90 G17 G40 G80 G00 G20 G50 G94 G64 G20
N6 M06 T1 G43 H1
N8 (Weight reduction slots)
N10 S1000 M03
N12 G00 G54 G90 X2.4775 Y0. A-90.
N14 Z1.7693
N16 Z1.475
N18 G01 Z1.3125 F1.
N20 A-28.591 F399.
N22 X2.3875 F7.
N24 A-151.409 F399.
N26 X2.4775 F7.
N28 A-90. F399.
N30 X2.54 F7.
N32 A-25.26 F399.
N34 X2.325 F7.
N36 A-154.74 F399.
N38 X2.54 F7.
N40 A-90. F399.
N42 X2.6025 F7.
N44 A-21.929 F399.
N46 X2.2625 F7.
N48 A-158.071 F399.
N50 X2.6025 F7.
N52 A-90. F399.
N54 X2.665 F7.
N56 A-21.677 F399.
N58 A-21.669 F7.
N60 X2.6636 A-20.986 F397.
N62 X2.6593 A-20.337 F377.
N64 X2.6525 A-19.755 F338.
N66 X2.6434 A-19.268 F282.
N68 X2.6325 A-18.902 F212.
N70 X2.6203 A-18.675 F132.
N72 X2.6075 A-18.598 F44.
N74 X2.2575 F7.
N76 X2.2447 A-18.675 F44.
N78 X2.2325 A-18.902 F132.
N80 X2.2216 A-19.268 F212.
N82 X2.2125 A-19.755 F282.
N84 X2.2057 A-20.337 F338.
N86 X2.2014 A-20.986 F377.
N88 X2.2 A-21.669 F397.
N90 A-21.677 F7.
N92 A-158.323 F399.
N94 A-158.331 F7.
N96 X2.2014 A-159.014 F397.
N98 X2.2057 A-159.663 F377.
N100 X2.2125 A-160.245 F338.
N102 X2.2216 A-160.732 F282.
N104 X2.2325 A-161.098 F212.
N106 X2.2447 A-161.325 F132.
N108 X2.2575 A-161.402 F44.
N110 X2.6075 F7.
N112 X2.6203 A-161.325 F44.
N114 X2.6325 A-161.098 F132.
N116 X2.6434 A-160.732 F212.
N118 X2.6525 A-160.245 F282.
N120 X2.6593 A-159.663 F338.
N122 X2.6636 A-159.014 F377.
N124 X2.665 A-158.331 F397.
N126 A-158.323 F7.
N128 A-90. F399.
N130 G00 X2.4775 Y0.
N132 G01 Z1.25 F1.
N134 A-28.591 F399.
N136 X2.3875 F7.
N138 A-151.409 F399.
N140 X2.4775 F7.
N142 A-90. F399.
N144 X2.54 F7.
N146 A-25.26 F399.
N148 X2.325 F7.
N150 A-154.74 F399.
N152 X2.54 F7.
N154 A-90. F399.
N156 X2.6025 F7.
N158 A-21.929 F399.
N160 X2.2625 F7.
N162 A-158.071 F399.
N164 X2.6025 F7.
N166 A-90. F399.
N168 X2.665 F7.
N170 A-21.677 F399.
N172 A-21.669 F7.
N174 X2.6636 A-20.986 F397.
N176 X2.6593 A-20.337 F377.
N178 X2.6525 A-19.755 F338.
N180 X2.6434 A-19.268 F282.
N182 X2.6325 A-18.902 F212.
N184 X2.6203 A-18.675 F132.
N186 X2.6075 A-18.598 F44.
N188 X2.2575 F7.
N190 X2.2447 A-18.675 F44.
N192 X2.2325 A-18.902 F132.
N194 X2.2216 A-19.268 F212.
N196 X2.2125 A-19.755 F282.
N198 X2.2057 A-20.337 F338.
N200 X2.2014 A-20.986 F377.
N202 X2.2 A-21.669 F397.
N204 A-21.677 F7.
N206 A-158.323 F399.
N208 A-158.331 F7.
N210 X2.2014 A-159.014 F397.
N212 X2.2057 A-159.663 F377.
N214 X2.2125 A-160.245 F338.
N216 X2.2216 A-160.732 F282.
N218 X2.2325 A-161.098 F212.
N220 X2.2447 A-161.325 F132.
N222 X2.2575 A-161.402 F44.
N224 X2.6075 F7.
N226 X2.6203 A-161.325 F44.
N228 X2.6325 A-161.098 F132.
N230 X2.6434 A-160.732 F212.
N232 X2.6525 A-160.245 F282.
N234 X2.6593 A-159.663 F338.
N236 X2.6636 A-159.014 F377.
N238 X2.665 A-158.331 F397.
N240 A-158.323 F7.
N242 A-90. F399.
N244 G00 X2.4775 Y0.
N246 G01 Z1.1875 F1.
N248 A-28.591 F399.
N250 X2.3875 F7.
N252 A-151.409 F399.
N254 X2.4775 F7.
N256 A-90. F399.
N258 X2.54 F7.
N260 A-25.26 F399.
N262 X2.325 F7.
N264 A-154.74 F399.
N266 X2.54 F7.
N268 A-90. F399.
N270 X2.6025 F7.
N272 A-21.929 F399.
N274 X2.2625 F7.
N276 A-158.071 F399.
N278 X2.6025 F7.
N280 A-90. F399.
N282 X2.665 F7.
N284 A-21.677 F399.
N286 A-21.669 F7.
N288 X2.6636 A-20.986 F397.
N290 X2.6593 A-20.337 F377.
N292 X2.6525 A-19.755 F338.
N294 X2.6434 A-19.268 F282.
N296 X2.6325 A-18.902 F212.
N298 X2.6203 A-18.675 F132.
N300 X2.6075 A-18.598 F44.
N302 X2.2575 F7.
N304 X2.2447 A-18.675 F44.
N306 X2.2325 A-18.902 F132.
N308 X2.2216 A-19.268 F212.
N310 X2.2125 A-19.755 F282.
N312 X2.2057 A-20.337 F338.
N314 X2.2014 A-20.986 F377.
N316 X2.2 A-21.669 F397.
N318 A-21.677 F7.
N320 A-158.323 F399.
N322 A-158.331 F7.
N324 X2.2014 A-159.014 F397.
N326 X2.2057 A-159.663 F377.
N328 X2.2125 A-160.245 F338.
N330 X2.2216 A-160.732 F282.
N332 X2.2325 A-161.098 F212.
N334 X2.2447 A-161.325 F132.
N336 X2.2575 A-161.402 F44.
N338 X2.6075 F7.
N340 X2.6203 A-161.325 F44.
N342 X2.6325 A-161.098 F132.
N344 X2.6434 A-160.732 F212.
N346 X2.6525 A-160.245 F282.
N348 X2.6593 A-159.663 F338.
N350 X2.6636 A-159.014 F377.
N352 X2.665 A-158.331 F397.
N354 A-158.323 F7.
N356 A-90. F399.
N358 G00 X2.4775 Y0.
N360 G01 Z1.125 F1.
N362 A-28.591 F399.
N364 X2.3875 F7.
N366 A-151.409 F399.
N368 X2.4775 F7.
N370 A-90. F399.
N372 X2.54 F7.
N374 A-25.26 F399.
N376 X2.325 F7.
N378 A-154.74 F399.
N380 X2.54 F7.
N382 A-90. F399.
N384 X2.6025 F7.
N386 A-21.929 F399.
N388 X2.2625 F7.
N390 A-158.071 F399.
N392 X2.6025 F7.
N394 A-90. F399.
N396 X2.665 F7.
N398 A-21.677 F399.
N400 A-21.669 F7.
N402 X2.6636 A-20.986 F397.
N404 X2.6593 A-20.337 F377.
N406 X2.6525 A-19.755 F338.
N408 X2.6434 A-19.268 F282.
N410 X2.6325 A-18.902 F212.
N412 X2.6203 A-18.675 F132.
N414 X2.6075 A-18.598 F44.
N416 X2.2575 F7.
N418 X2.2447 A-18.675 F44.
N420 X2.2325 A-18.902 F132.
N422 X2.2216 A-19.268 F212.
N424 X2.2125 A-19.755 F282.
N426 X2.2057 A-20.337 F338.
N428 X2.2014 A-20.986 F377.
N430 X2.2 A-21.669 F397.
N432 A-21.677 F7.
N434 A-158.323 F399.
N436 A-158.331 F7.
N438 X2.2014 A-159.014 F397.
N440 X2.2057 A-159.663 F377.
N442 X2.2125 A-160.245 F338.
N444 X2.2216 A-160.732 F282.
N446 X2.2325 A-161.098 F212.
N448 X2.2447 A-161.325 F132.
N450 X2.2575 A-161.402 F44.
N452 X2.6075 F7.
N454 X2.6203 A-161.325 F44.
N456 X2.6325 A-161.098 F132.
N458 X2.6434 A-160.732 F212.
N460 X2.6525 A-160.245 F282.
N462 X2.6593 A-159.663 F338.
N464 X2.6636 A-159.014 F377.
N466 X2.665 A-158.331 F397.
N468 A-158.323 F7.
N470 A-90. F399.
N472 G00 X2.4775 Y0.
N474 G01 Z1.075 F1.
N476 A-28.591 F399.
N478 X2.3875 F7.
N480 A-151.409 F399.
N482 X2.4775 F7.
N484 A-90. F399.
N486 X2.54 F7.
N488 A-25.26 F399.
N490 X2.325 F7.
N492 A-154.74 F399.
N494 X2.54 F7.
N496 A-90. F399.
N498 X2.6025 F7.
N500 A-21.929 F399.
N502 X2.2625 F7.
N504 A-158.071 F399.
N506 X2.6025 F7.
N508 A-90. F399.
N510 X2.665 F7.
N512 A-21.677 F399.
N514 A-21.669 F7.
N516 X2.6636 A-20.986 F397.
N518 X2.6593 A-20.337 F377.
N520 X2.6525 A-19.755 F338.
N522 X2.6434 A-19.268 F282.
N524 X2.6325 A-18.902 F212.
N526 X2.6203 A-18.675 F132.
N528 X2.6075 A-18.598 F44.
N530 X2.2575 F7.
N532 X2.2447 A-18.675 F44.
N534 X2.2325 A-18.902 F132.
N536 X2.2216 A-19.268 F212.
N538 X2.2125 A-19.755 F282.
N540 X2.2057 A-20.337 F338.
N542 X2.2014 A-20.986 F377.
N544 X2.2 A-21.669 F397.
N546 A-21.677 F7.
N548 A-158.323 F399.
N550 A-158.331 F7.
N552 X2.2014 A-159.014 F397.
N554 X2.2057 A-159.663 F377.
N556 X2.2125 A-160.245 F338.
N558 X2.2216 A-160.732 F282.
N560 X2.2325 A-161.098 F212.
N562 X2.2447 A-161.325 F132.
N564 X2.2575 A-161.402 F44.
N566 X2.6075 F7.
N568 X2.6203 A-161.325 F44.
N570 X2.6325 A-161.098 F132.
N572 X2.6434 A-160.732 F212.
N574 X2.6525 A-160.245 F282.
N576 X2.6593 A-159.663 F338.
N578 X2.6636 A-159.014 F377.
N580 X2.665 A-158.331 F397.
N582 A-158.323 F7.
N584 A-90. F399.
N586 X2.67 F7.
N588 A-21.677 F399.
N590 A-21.67 F7.
N592 X2.6688 A-21.019 F397.
N594 X2.6653 A-20.393 F382.
N596 X2.6595 A-19.816 F352.
N598 X2.6517 A-19.31 F309.
N600 X2.6423 A-18.894 F253.
N602 X2.6315 A-18.585 F188.
N604 X2.6197 A-18.395 F116.
N606 X2.6075 A-18.331 F39.
N608 X2.2575 F7.
N610 X2.2453 A-18.395 F39.
N612 X2.2335 A-18.585 F116.
N614 X2.2227 A-18.894 F188.
N616 X2.2133 A-19.31 F253.
N618 X2.2055 A-19.816 F309.
N620 X2.1997 A-20.393 F352.
N622 X2.1962 A-21.019 F382.
N624 X2.195 A-21.67 F397.
N626 A-21.677 F7.
N628 A-158.323 F399.
N630 A-158.33 F7.
N632 X2.1962 A-158.981 F397.
N634 X2.1997 A-159.607 F382.
N636 X2.2055 A-160.184 F352.
N638 X2.2133 A-160.69 F309.
N640 X2.2227 A-161.106 F253.
N642 X2.2335 A-161.415 F188.
N644 X2.2453 A-161.605 F116.
N646 X2.2575 A-161.669 F39.
N648 X2.6075 F7.
N650 X2.6197 A-161.605 F39.
N652 X2.6315 A-161.415 F116.
N654 X2.6423 A-161.106 F188.
N656 X2.6517 A-160.69 F253.
N658 X2.6595 A-160.184 F309.
N660 X2.6653 A-159.607 F352.
N662 X2.6688 A-158.981 F382.
N664 X2.67 A-158.33 F397.
N666 A-158.323 F7.
N668 A-90. F399.
N670 G00 Z1.7693
N672 X2.3875 Y0. A90.
N674 Z1.475
N676 G01 Z1.3125 F1.
N678 A28.591 F399.
N680 X2.4775 F7.
N682 A151.409 F399.
N684 X2.3875 F7.
N686 A90. F399.
N688 X2.325 F7.
N690 A25.26 F399.
N692 X2.54 F7.
N694 A154.74 F399.
N696 X2.325 F7.
N698 A90. F399.
N700 X2.2625 F7.
N702 A21.929 F399.
N704 X2.6025 F7.
N706 A158.071 F399.
N708 X2.2625 F7.
N710 A90. F399.
N712 X2.2 F7.
N714 A21.677 F399.
N716 A21.669 F7.
N718 X2.2014 A20.986 F397.
N720 X2.2057 A20.337 F377.
N722 X2.2125 A19.755 F338.
N724 X2.2216 A19.268 F282.
N726 X2.2325 A18.902 F212.
N728 X2.2447 A18.675 F132.
N730 X2.2575 A18.598 F44.
N732 X2.6075 F7.
N734 X2.6203 A18.675 F44.
N736 X2.6325 A18.902 F132.
N738 X2.6434 A19.268 F212.
N740 X2.6525 A19.755 F282.
N742 X2.6593 A20.337 F338.
N744 X2.6636 A20.986 F377.
N746 X2.665 A21.669 F397.
N748 A21.677 F7.
N750 A158.323 F399.
N752 A158.331 F7.
N754 X2.6636 A159.014 F397.
N756 X2.6593 A159.663 F377.
N758 X2.6525 A160.245 F338.
N760 X2.6434 A160.732 F282.
N762 X2.6325 A161.098 F212.
N764 X2.6203 A161.325 F132.
N766 X2.6075 A161.402 F44.
N768 X2.2575 F7.
N770 X2.2447 A161.325 F44.
N772 X2.2325 A161.098 F132.
N774 X2.2216 A160.732 F212.
N776 X2.2125 A160.245 F282.
N778 X2.2057 A159.663 F338.
N780 X2.2014 A159.014 F377.
N782 X2.2 A158.331 F397.
N784 A158.323 F7.
N786 A90. F399.
N788 G00 X2.3875 Y0.
N790 G01 Z1.25 F1.
N792 A28.591 F399.
N794 X2.4775 F7.
N796 A151.409 F399.
N798 X2.3875 F7.
N800 A90. F399.
N802 X2.325 F7.
N804 A25.26 F399.
N806 X2.54 F7.
N808 A154.74 F399.
N810 X2.325 F7.
N812 A90. F399.
N814 X2.2625 F7.
N816 A21.929 F399.
N818 X2.6025 F7.
N820 A158.071 F399.
N822 X2.2625 F7.
N824 A90. F399.
N826 X2.2 F7.
N828 A21.677 F399.
N830 A21.669 F7.
N832 X2.2014 A20.986 F397.
N834 X2.2057 A20.337 F377.
N836 X2.2125 A19.755 F338.
N838 X2.2216 A19.268 F282.
N840 X2.2325 A18.902 F212.
N842 X2.2447 A18.675 F132.
N844 X2.2575 A18.598 F44.
N846 X2.6075 F7.
N848 X2.6203 A18.675 F44.
N850 X2.6325 A18.902 F132.
N852 X2.6434 A19.268 F212.
N854 X2.6525 A19.755 F282.
N856 X2.6593 A20.337 F338.
N858 X2.6636 A20.986 F377.
N860 X2.665 A21.669 F397.
N862 A21.677 F7.
N864 A158.323 F399.
N866 A158.331 F7.
N868 X2.6636 A159.014 F397.
N870 X2.6593 A159.663 F377.
N872 X2.6525 A160.245 F338.
N874 X2.6434 A160.732 F282.
N876 X2.6325 A161.098 F212.
N878 X2.6203 A161.325 F132.
N880 X2.6075 A161.402 F44.
N882 X2.2575 F7.
N884 X2.2447 A161.325 F44.
N886 X2.2325 A161.098 F132.
N888 X2.2216 A160.732 F212.
N890 X2.2125 A160.245 F282.
N892 X2.2057 A159.663 F338.
N894 X2.2014 A159.014 F377.
N896 X2.2 A158.331 F397.
N898 A158.323 F7.
N900 A90. F399.
N902 G00 X2.3875 Y0.
N904 G01 Z1.1875 F1.
N906 A28.591 F399.
N908 X2.4775 F7.
N910 A151.409 F399.
N912 X2.3875 F7.
N914 A90. F399.
N916 X2.325 F7.
N918 A25.26 F399.
N920 X2.54 F7.
N922 A154.74 F399.
N924 X2.325 F7.
N926 A90. F399.
N928 X2.2625 F7.
N930 A21.929 F399.
N932 X2.6025 F7.
N934 A158.071 F399.
N936 X2.2625 F7.
N938 A90. F399.
N940 X2.2 F7.
N942 A21.677 F399.
N944 A21.669 F7.
N946 X2.2014 A20.986 F397.
N948 X2.2057 A20.337 F377.
N950 X2.2125 A19.755 F338.
N952 X2.2216 A19.268 F282.
N954 X2.2325 A18.902 F212.
N956 X2.2447 A18.675 F132.
N958 X2.2575 A18.598 F44.
N960 X2.6075 F7.
N962 X2.6203 A18.675 F44.
N964 X2.6325 A18.902 F132.
N966 X2.6434 A19.268 F212.
N968 X2.6525 A19.755 F282.
N970 X2.6593 A20.337 F338.
N972 X2.6636 A20.986 F377.
N974 X2.665 A21.669 F397.
N976 A21.677 F7.
N978 A158.323 F399.
N980 A158.331 F7.
N982 X2.6636 A159.014 F397.
N984 X2.6593 A159.663 F377.
N986 X2.6525 A160.245 F338.
N988 X2.6434 A160.732 F282.
N990 X2.6325 A161.098 F212.
N992 X2.6203 A161.325 F132.
N994 X2.6075 A161.402 F44.
N996 X2.2575 F7.
N998 X2.2447 A161.325 F44.
N1000 X2.2325 A161.098 F132.
N1002 X2.2216 A160.732 F212.
N1004 X2.2125 A160.245 F282.
N1006 X2.2057 A159.663 F338.
N1008 X2.2014 A159.014 F377.
N1010 X2.2 A158.331 F397.
N1012 A158.323 F7.
N1014 A90. F399.
N1016 G00 X2.3875 Y0.
N1018 G01 Z1.125 F1.
N1020 A28.591 F399.
N1022 X2.4775 F7.
N1024 A151.409 F399.
N1026 X2.3875 F7.
N1028 A90. F399.
N1030 X2.325 F7.
N1032 A25.26 F399.
N1034 X2.54 F7.
N1036 A154.74 F399.
N1038 X2.325 F7.
N1040 A90. F399.
N1042 X2.2625 F7.
N1044 A21.929 F399.
N1046 X2.6025 F7.
N1048 A158.071 F399.
N1050 X2.2625 F7.
N1052 A90. F399.
N1054 X2.2 F7.
N1056 A21.677 F399.
N1058 A21.669 F7.
N1060 X2.2014 A20.986 F397.
N1062 X2.2057 A20.337 F377.
N1064 X2.2125 A19.755 F338.
N1066 X2.2216 A19.268 F282.
N1068 X2.2325 A18.902 F212.
N1070 X2.2447 A18.675 F132.
N1072 X2.2575 A18.598 F44.
N1074 X2.6075 F7.
N1076 X2.6203 A18.675 F44.
N1078 X2.6325 A18.902 F132.
N1080 X2.6434 A19.268 F212.
N1082 X2.6525 A19.755 F282.
N1084 X2.6593 A20.337 F338.
N1086 X2.6636 A20.986 F377.
N1088 X2.665 A21.669 F397.
N1090 A21.677 F7.
N1092 A158.323 F399.
N1094 A158.331 F7.
N1096 X2.6636 A159.014 F397.
N1098 X2.6593 A159.663 F377.
N1100 X2.6525 A160.245 F338.
N1102 X2.6434 A160.732 F282.
N1104 X2.6325 A161.098 F212.
N1106 X2.6203 A161.325 F132.
N1108 X2.6075 A161.402 F44.
N1110 X2.2575 F7.
N1112 X2.2447 A161.325 F44.
N1114 X2.2325 A161.098 F132.
N1116 X2.2216 A160.732 F212.
N1118 X2.2125 A160.245 F282.
N1120 X2.2057 A159.663 F338.
N1122 X2.2014 A159.014 F377.
N1124 X2.2 A158.331 F397.
N1126 A158.323 F7.
N1128 A90. F399.
N1130 G00 X2.3875 Y0.
N1132 G01 Z1.075 F1.
N1134 A28.591 F399.
N1136 X2.4775 F7.
N1138 A151.409 F399.
N1140 X2.3875 F7.
N1142 A90. F399.
N1144 X2.325 F7.
N1146 A25.26 F399.
N1148 X2.54 F7.
N1150 A154.74 F399.
N1152 X2.325 F7.
N1154 A90. F399.
N1156 X2.2625 F7.
N1158 A21.929 F399.
N1160 X2.6025 F7.
N1162 A158.071 F399.
N1164 X2.2625 F7.
N1166 A90. F399.
N1168 X2.2 F7.
N1170 A21.677 F399.
N1172 A21.669 F7.
N1174 X2.2014 A20.986 F397.
N1176 X2.2057 A20.337 F377.
N1178 X2.2125 A19.755 F338.
N1180 X2.2216 A19.268 F282.
N1182 X2.2325 A18.902 F212.
N1184 X2.2447 A18.675 F132.
N1186 X2.2575 A18.598 F44.
N1188 X2.6075 F7.
N1190 X2.6203 A18.675 F44.
N1192 X2.6325 A18.902 F132.
N1194 X2.6434 A19.268 F212.
N1196 X2.6525 A19.755 F282.
N1198 X2.6593 A20.337 F338.
N1200 X2.6636 A20.986 F377.
N1202 X2.665 A21.669 F397.
N1204 A21.677 F7.
N1206 A158.323 F399.
N1208 A158.331 F7.
N1210 X2.6636 A159.014 F397.
N1212 X2.6593 A159.663 F377.
N1214 X2.6525 A160.245 F338.
N1216 X2.6434 A160.732 F282.
N1218 X2.6325 A161.098 F212.
N1220 X2.6203 A161.325 F132.
N1222 X2.6075 A161.402 F44.
N1224 X2.2575 F7.
N1226 X2.2447 A161.325 F44.
N1228 X2.2325 A161.098 F132.
N1230 X2.2216 A160.732 F212.
N1232 X2.2125 A160.245 F282.
N1234 X2.2057 A159.663 F338.
N1236 X2.2014 A159.014 F377.
N1238 X2.2 A158.331 F397.
N1240 A158.323 F7.
N1242 A90. F399.
N1244 X2.195 F7.
N1246 A21.677 F399.
N1248 A21.67 F7.
N1250 X2.1962 A21.019 F397.
N1252 X2.1997 A20.393 F382.
N1254 X2.2055 A19.816 F352.
N1256 X2.2133 A19.31 F309.
N1258 X2.2227 A18.894 F253.
N1260 X2.2335 A18.585 F188.
N1262 X2.2453 A18.395 F116.
N1264 X2.2575 A18.331 F39.
N1266 X2.6075 F7.
N1268 X2.6197 A18.395 F39.
N1270 X2.6315 A18.585 F116.
N1272 X2.6423 A18.894 F188.
N1274 X2.6517 A19.31 F253.
N1276 X2.6595 A19.816 F309.
N1278 X2.6653 A20.393 F352.
N1280 X2.6688 A21.019 F382.
N1282 X2.67 A21.67 F397.
N1284 A21.677 F7.
N1286 A158.323 F399.
N1288 A158.33 F7.
N1290 X2.6688 A158.981 F397.
N1292 X2.6653 A159.607 F382.
N1294 X2.6595 A160.184 F352.
N1296 X2.6517 A160.69 F309.
N1298 X2.6423 A161.106 F253.
N1300 X2.6315 A161.415 F188.
N1302 X2.6197 A161.605 F116.
N1304 X2.6075 A161.669 F39.
N1306 X2.2575 F7.
N1308 X2.2453 A161.605 F39.
N1310 X2.2335 A161.415 F116.
N1312 X2.2227 A161.106 F188.
N1314 X2.2133 A160.69 F253.
N1316 X2.2055 A160.184 F309.
N1318 X2.1997 A159.607 F352.
N1320 X2.1962 A158.981 F382.
N1322 X2.195 A158.33 F397.
N1324 A158.323 F7.
N1326 A90. F399.
N1328 G00 Z1.7693
N1330 M05
N1332 G28 Z1.
N1334 X0 Y0
N1336 M30

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Re: Possible Mach3 G-code interpreter error
« Reply #1 on: August 21, 2014, 06:04:54 AM »
Just a suggestion and I am sure your observation and opinion is correct, but try reducing your Velocity and Acceleration settings in Motor Tuning by 50% (don't forget to save the settings after they have been changed) and see if this cures the problem. If it does then experiment with the settings to find the fastest combination that works reliably.

Re: Possible Mach3 G-code interpreter error
« Reply #2 on: August 21, 2014, 12:54:19 PM »
I don't think those settings control the G-code. Changing feedrate override doesn't fix the problem either. I've been in direct contact with Newfangled and this appears to be a bug. Will be changing to Mach4.

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Re: Possible Mach3 G-code interpreter error
« Reply #3 on: August 21, 2014, 01:16:06 PM »
I don't think those settings control the G-code. Changing feedrate override doesn't fix the problem either. I've been in direct contact with Newfangled and this appears to be a bug. Will be changing to Mach4.

You know best  :)

Re: Possible Mach3 G-code interpreter error
« Reply #4 on: August 21, 2014, 01:17:39 PM »
Not always ;D

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Re: Possible Mach3 G-code interpreter error
« Reply #5 on: August 21, 2014, 02:28:21 PM »
These sound similar to some longstanding bugs that have always been present in Mach3, but most people never see.
Unfortunately, I don't have any answer for you.

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Re: Possible Mach3 G-code interpreter error
« Reply #6 on: August 21, 2014, 02:31:41 PM »
It's not productive to fix Mach3 since it has limited lifetime anyway now that Mach4 is here. Mach4 supports newer Windows versions, Mac, and Linux. I took the plunge!

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Re: Possible Mach3 G-code interpreter error
« Reply #7 on: August 21, 2014, 02:58:52 PM »
If this had been able to be fixed, it would have been fixed years ago.
THe biggest problem with Mach3 is that they couldn't fix bugs without introducing new ones.

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Re: Possible Mach3 G-code interpreter error
« Reply #8 on: August 22, 2014, 05:29:45 AM »
FWIW you can reproduce the problem with this simplified code:

G1 X0.1
G1 A0.1 F500
G0 X0.2

When this runs, the pulse stream for the rapid (G0 X0.2) is missing its accel ramp (which is why you get no movement and just a buzz). As an added bonus, CV fails to blend the two feed moves (G1) correctly. (The in-line feed causes a delay between the two moves).

However if you take out the F500 off the A move - it all works as you'd expect. (No delay AND you get a properly formed accel ramp on the rapid).

Alternatively you can run it in exact stop (G61) WITH the inline F500 and then the G0 DOES have an accel ramp. (but of course you loose blending).

The problem is a combination of CV, A moves (both rotary and linear) and in-line feeds.

Incidentally - replacing A with Y in the code above, in-line feeds still kill CV even between X and Y. I've never spotted this before because I've never had the need to change XY feed in-line.

It's not productive to fix Mach3 since it has limited lifetime anyway now that Mach4 is here.

It's actually the other way round.

Mach4 "is here" because it wasn't deemed productive to fix Mach3.