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« on: July 12, 2014, 09:28:03 AM »
CNCneeds is pleased to announce an addition to our product line.  As a result of suggestions from existing customers, we now have a new version of the TLOsetterII, our tool length offset measuring device.  This new product is a variation of the TLOsetterII, which has been designed to be compatible with the Tormach® Passive Probe.

We have found that many machinists using the Tormach 1100 and 770 mills also use the Tormach passive probe.  The original TLOsetterII works in the active mode (per Tormach’s active/passive definition) and therefore requires using their configuration utility to switch from active to passive mode, or vice-versa.  Unfortunately, to use this utility the user must exit the Mach 3 control program, invoke the utility, and then once again start Mach 3, obviously not an ideal scenario for the continuity of work flow.

Our new TLOsetterII–P functions in the passive mode thereby allowing the user to simply plug either the probe, or the tool setter into the Accessory Jack on the fly.  Now you can quickly and easily either measure individual tool lengths, or if you have an Automatic Tool Changer, you can run the touch-off routine to measure all the tools that are currently loaded in the tray.  Either way, the offsets lengths are automatically and accurately entered in the Tool Table, saving time and eliminating the potential for human entry error.  When you are done setting tool lengths, you can easily revert back to using the probe without any intermediate steps.

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