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Author Topic: DSC (data, signal, control) module 3.0 pretty much encapsulates most stuff  (Read 3561 times)

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This module pretty much encapsulates most of the practical user functions, to make life easier.

as usual, since M4 is a moving target, things may break as M4 (wx/lua) changes, it is based on lua 5.2 but should be compatible with 5.1 no real major code changes.

see the Users manual attached, in PDF format for all the supported funcs and how to use them.

<<<<EDIT 26JULY14, put in NEW  DSC 3.0  compile that is compatible (due to an undocumented lua bug...), with 5.2 >>>>

<<<<Thanks Craig for noticing and finding the missing "mc" from a few functions, that had copy paste errors in them....  >>>>

so, if your running 1900 or better, put this "DSC_Module.mcc" in your C:\Mach4Hobby\MODULES folder,  if elsewhere, change the paths you call it with.

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After reviewing you phenomenal resources I am still a bit confused as to how I can do this"

Hard button on Input 1. Let's say I want to shift from the Program Run Tab to the MDI tab. I see the properties in designer but what code can I use to make this happen. I figured out how to make the Cycle start button owrk and the rest of the ones that have prebuilt calls in the buttons but this still eludes me as the tabs do not appear to have Do functions as you call them.

Would you mind taking a moment to explain? If what I am asking makes sense???

Do I set MainTabs "Current Tab" to the tab number I want?

LOL. I apologize for the question. I seemed to have answered it myself. Pretty nifty.