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Need Help
« on: June 08, 2014, 11:26:53 AM »
I have a Vortech CNC Router and am running Mach 3 my problem is when I'm cutting curves or large radius I get a lot of chatter, it's almost as if the steppers are fighting each other. Not sure  if that makes any senses. If anyone as had a problem like this or has any ideas I'm open for suggestions

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Re: Need Help
« Reply #1 on: June 08, 2014, 12:30:19 PM »
Show us a bit of the gcode that is giving you problems.  Is it a million little segments that make up the arc? That's been trouble for me before.
Re: Need Help
« Reply #2 on: June 09, 2014, 08:03:22 PM »
This is a file we attempted on Saturday, code created by Vectric VCarve.  Just a simple circle in box.

It is not only slow, but the gantry trembles like the steppers are fighting.


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Re: Need Help
« Reply #3 on: June 10, 2014, 06:24:39 AM »
It looks that your postprocessor is spitting zilion lines for simulating arcs.
Change your post to "Mach2/3 Arcs (inch)"

Second, Switch off Exact Stop mode.
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Re: Need Help
« Reply #4 on: June 10, 2014, 07:27:04 AM »
Thanks, I'll try that and let you know if it works.