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Joystick setup
« on: May 03, 2014, 05:43:23 PM »

I've been trying to setup a game controller (PS3 Dualshock3) for 2 days now and still haven't got it fully working. Somehow I can't get the sticks to do something in Mach3, although they are working in keygrabber. So in keygrabber, when I move the sticks, the selection jumps to the right axis, and on the "Misc Settings" page, I can see the "Axis Number / Speed" fields changing. In Mach3 (started from keygrabber) nothing happens. When I assign the controller buttons in keygrabber or even the stick-triggers they immediately work in Mach3.

Anyone got an idea, what could be wrong?

Some details:
I'm pretty new to Mach3, but I understand the basics. My self made CNC machine is setup and jogging with the keyboards works. I don't have an encoder or any other external control connected, so I would like to use the game pad for this. When I setup the drivers for the game pad I had some troubles, because there is no original driver for it, only some hacks. At the moment I use an XBOX emulation driver through "Motion in joy", it was the only one that I could get working with keygrabber. I tried a lot of approaches to get this working. I've also tried the game pad plugin for Mach3, but this has weird bug: in continous jogging mode, it won't stop moving when you release the stick. My guess is, because it doesn't switch to "continous mode" in Mach3 (LED for "step" is on, all others are off). However when I switch per mouse to continous mode, the sticks work perfectly. The problem is when I forget to switch back before using the game pad, my maschine might run full speed into the limit switches.
So I decided to try keygrabber instead. I've deleted the default ".grab" file to start from scratch, the only changes I made was enabling the HID controller and assigning the axis on the joystick page (see attachment).

To clarify what my test process is:
Start keygrabber with its settings
Run Mach3 from keygrabber
Select Mill
When Mach3 is ready, I hit "reset" so it's not blinking
Then I try to jog with the sticks

Maybe I missed something there?

Any help appreciated!


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Re: Joystick setup
« Reply #1 on: June 12, 2014, 07:31:33 PM »
Did you ever get this to work?

I have a simple two-pot joystick connected to a Martzis 64 channel HID.  The HID buttons seem to always work.  However, the joystick will jog the X and Y axis but only after Keygrabber is launched.  I don't have to click anything in Keygrabber or make any changes, but as soon as its launched the joystick will jog the two axis'.  It will then work as I want it to until Mach3 is closed and re-launched.

I installed the Martzis Plug-in but it has no way yo configure the analog channels to jog.  It only has choises for feedrate and spindle speed.

Has anyone found a solution to this problem?