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Author Topic: Spindle Setup Special Funtions ?  (Read 1633 times)

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Spindle Setup Special Funtions ?
« on: March 26, 2014, 07:15:07 AM »

About Spindle Setup Special Funtions with PWM Control:

Reading the manual Special Functionm say:
"Use Spindle feedback in sync mode should be unchecked."

That's all, nothing more.
So I can not understand the purpose of that function,
I would like to know about this

About "sync mode"

look for this, and did not find.
I can not understand the sync mode,
I need a glossary with Mach3 terminology
I would like to know about.

About Special Function: "Closed Loop Spindle Control"
I seek to know the frequency, the time between each pwm update.
how often the pwm is updated?

How do I calculate the time (frequency) of PWM updates ?
I would like to know about.

Reading this forum, I found something opposite:



"Do not use Closed Loop Spindle Control.
Selecting “Use Spindle Feedback in Sync Modes” tells Mach3 to expect feedback pulses from the spindle.
Selecting this effectively puts Mach3 into a closed loop mode."

Thank related information.
I appreciate your time and attention.