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Author Topic: Kernel speed error on startup  (Read 4560 times)

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Re: Kernel speed error on startup
« Reply #10 on: March 12, 2014, 11:17:19 PM »
Hmmm, You are correct, the Z was at 75 when I loaded the XML file.  I am sure of this because I noted each axis and wrote it down just before I replied with the XML in my last post.  Now comes the strange part.  After I saw your reply I ran down and fired up the mill PC and was surprised I did not get the error.  Once booted up I checked the velocities for each axis and the Z axis is now at 57.  I did not change it and if I had now written it down 30 minutes ago I would doubt what I saw.  Very strange.  All I can think of is that at some point in checking and downloading the XML I did load a different profile but not sure if it was before or after documenting the settings.  I really appreciate you guys helping.