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Author Topic: mach3 and PoBlocks by Shared Slots  (Read 3612 times)

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mach3 and PoBlocks by Shared Slots
« on: April 20, 2014, 06:55:15 AM »

I'm trying to use the pokeys to control the spindel speed on Lathe.
Accoording the pokey pulse engine manual this should be possible (see pag 27).

"......Custom operations can be performed on data from various PoKeys peripherals and result forwarded to Mach3 (e.g. spindle speed calculation, product counting, PID control with reference set by Mach3, ..."

However I'm not able to find any information how this should be done. Were can I find this info ?


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Re: mach3 and PoBlocks by Shared Slots
« Reply #1 on: May 10, 2014, 05:22:15 AM »
As markder13 also contacted PoScope support directly, I am providing the answer to the question for other users that might need the same functionality.

The spindle speed can be easily setup using usual encoder inputs of the PoKeys device - this should be available in the PoKeys Mach3 plugin as Encoder to DRO mapping (select spindle speed override DRO).

If you want greater control, PoIL shared data slots can be used for data interchange between Mach3 and PoBlocks environment - Mach3's side is simple and is described in the plugin's manual, while the PoBlocks side is described in the PoBlocks manual.
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