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Re: Machanical Automatic Tool Changer
« Reply #110 on: February 24, 2014, 03:37:37 PM »
I guess I dont get what those drive outputs connect to, because for my X axis I have A+, A-, B+, B-, C+ and C- pins.  Those are noted as running in P and S modes, whatever that means...

I see where the CSMIO output goes now, the CSMIO has an X+/-10v and X ground pins, which connect to pins 12 and 13 on my driver, those are analog input +/-10v and analog input ground.

Will all of these pins be used (ex. alarms and servo enable, etc...)?  Do the rest of them go to the Digital input pins on the CSMIO? All of my other projects have been with stepers and simple breakout boards so I'm sorry for asking what may be some really silly questions....

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Re: Machanical Automatic Tool Changer
« Reply #111 on: February 24, 2014, 03:52:48 PM »
The A+/- etc are the pass through of the encoder signals. The motor has the encoder but the drive requires the encoder to be fed back to it for both position and speed modes. If using position mode, ie Step/Dir then normally you would not require the encoder outputs from the drive as the position loop is handled exclusively by the drive. With Speed mode however the drive still requires the encoder signals for Velocity but the control (CSMIO/IP-A) also requires encoder signals so that it knows where the motor is so it can command the drive with +/- 10v to keep it on track. So you use the encoder outputs from the drive and feed them to the CSMIO. As said it uses them to close the loop and also it updates Machs DROs direct from these encoder outputs so that even if you whack the E-Stop it will know where the axis is or if you have the drives disabled and manually turn the motors Mach will still get the DROs updated from the encoders and thus still know where it is.

Regarding Enables and Alarms etc, you connect them to the Inputs or outputs of the CSMIO, it actually has dedicated options for them. For example you can connect a fault output from the drive to any of the Inputs on  the CSMIO and configure it as an axis fault signal in the plugin. If the drive faults the CSMIO will get that signal and halt all motion and also E-Stop Mach.