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Author Topic: How to display unsolicited Galil messages in the Mach3 Status window  (Read 5061 times)

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I have a DMC program running in the Galil DMC41x3 that captures amplifier and other errors and saves error codes in a Galil array. It also displays a text message that will display in the Galil Suites Terminal window.  What I want to do is get those error codes or the Galil error messages displayed in the Mach3 status window so that they will be logged in the Mach3 History.   Looking at the Galil Plugin Debug file, I can see that Galil errors are displayed in the status window like this:
   Galil Error -5: Emessage = "Device driver could not be opened, or a read or write error occured."
But, this is a solicited message (i.e. a Galil message in response to a command from the Galil Plugin).  I want to display the unsolicited messages.

I have changed the Galil Plugin setting for unsolicited messages from "Take no action" to "Open a second Handle" using UDP or TCP. After doing that, I entered TH (tell handles) in Galil Terminal and it only shows one new handle is opened when Mach3 starts up:

IHA UDP PORT 23 TO IP ADDRESS 192,168,1,22 PORT 57565
IHB UDP PORT 2041 TO IP ADDRESS 192,168,1,22 PORT 57565
IHC TCP PORT 5000 TO IP ADDRESS 192,168,1,22 PORT 56556

IHA and IHB are for the Galil Suites Terminal program.  IHC is for the Galil plugin. 

Where is the 2nd Handle for unsolicited messages?

Any help is appreciated.

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Re: How to display unsolicited Galil messages in the Mach3 Status window
« Reply #1 on: April 20, 2017, 03:03:05 PM »
There is no support for unsolicited messages in the Mach3/Galil plugin.  The Galil software will allow you to turn them on, but we don't have an interface to accept them in the plugin.