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Author Topic: Seig Super X1LP HiTorque Mill CNC Conversion  (Read 1871 times)

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Seig Super X1LP HiTorque Mill CNC Conversion
« on: February 21, 2016, 04:02:00 PM »
Played with 3d printing and built a Mostly Printed CNC for fun, it showed me the possibilities even if unable yto carry them out to the standard I wanted, so build my own machine to do exactly what I want. Only problem being I was a bricklayer now an IT consultant with no engineering experience, but will try anything at least once so I decided to buy and convert a Milling machine to make parts for the machine I want to build. I had the problem of living in a first floor flat and whatever I brought I knew the Courier would "claim not insured to carry it up their mate!" so it had to be manageable or I would have to bring in some help, at 61kg crated the Seig X1 fitted the bill and its quiet compared to most so I ordered it and received it just over a week ago, unpacked and left sitting waiting for a quiet moment to get a look at the conversion.

Today was the day I had ordered 3 Nema 23 270oz steppers and TB6560 so nothing to stop me a whole day to myself, 12 hiours and its been running and made two parts for another project. IT was nice and simple to work on as the leadscrews were already in place for the hand wheels so just a case of fixing the motors, configure the drivers map the software and BObs your aunty as they say.

Its still an ugly beast the electronics need casing the Z axis motor mount needs fixing to get rid of the quick release clamps but it works a new CNC mill for the sum of £580 for the mill and £80 for the parts £660 for a CNC mill sounds reasonable to me as no mechanical operations carried out on the Mill except for 4 small holes drilled I haven't even voided the warranty yet. Two small jobs completed first cutting some pockets in acrylic to seat 608z bearings and a 3mm Aluminium bed cut for a 3d printer, bit of finishing to do but so far I am happy with what I have achieved on a relatively small budget finish the conversion do the aesthetics and then on to the reason for buying and converting this a 1500x1000x300 cnc router which I may well plan, suck it and see worked for this job but the hard work was already done.

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Re: Seig Super X1LP HiTorque Mill CNC Conversion
« Reply #1 on: February 22, 2016, 01:43:44 AM »
Nice work - you make mill conversion all look and sound so easy  :)


btw. Welcome to the forum.
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