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Author Topic: Everything Works :)... Operational Question  (Read 2580 times)

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Everything Works :)... Operational Question
« on: March 03, 2007, 03:40:37 PM »
Everything is running great on the new version, I just ordered a video cam so I can center the gantry easier and I'm in the process of ordering a quick change system for the router...

But that now leads me to an operational question...

My setup today consists of a number of vaccum jigs that I lock into position on my table, on those I write the X,Y offsets and then using a piece of paper I reference the Z to just barely touch the jig. It works but as you can imagine I purposely cut my pieces so that bit changes are minimal, for one offs I reference all three axis's manually which will allways be needed for non-jigged work.

So now I'm entering the area of using the offsets for tools and jigs, I want to make sure I fully understand the process before I really start tinkering. When I'm setting all this up, how do I determine the Z offset for each tool, I'm kind of struggling with the concept becase the control point would be Z 0. And I would want to offset each tool in the table based on that, but how do I determine the starting point? I've known this was possible for a while but until now I've not been able to actually do anything with it, how are other people doing it today??

I have not even played with the work offsets as of yet, but I'm going to have to if I want to increase output by reducing setup time. Can I call the work offsets with a G-Code?, that would be ideal for me as well as being able to code in someway to have a pop-up window that would remind me of things I need to do. On some pieces I have to flip the piece over, it would be nice to have the .TAP file pause, and tell me (or whoever is running the machine) to flip the piece over before continuing...

It's taken a while to get here but now the real fun can begin :)



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Re: Everything Works :)... Operational Question
« Reply #1 on: March 03, 2007, 09:27:57 PM »
Hi, Paul

I'm not an expert with offsets or tool tables, so lets go through this slowly, Work offsets  are G54 through G59 I think you can have more

though, lets deal with them later.

G54 generally is reserved for your home position, so don,t mess with G54.

Home your machine, goto the "Offsets Page", Verify that Current Work Offset is 1, Which is G54, 0,0,0 both displays.

Now Click on  Fixture 2 G55 Button, to the left under Current Work Offset, enter in X, Y, Z, a value of X, Y, --1 and Z, +4 (making an asumtion that your Z

axis is 5 in away from the table when Homed) , note the Right Coord's Window reads a X, Y, +1 and Z, -4 value for there axies,

How click on Fixture 1 G54 Button, Then you'll see 0,0,0 left and 0,0,0 right Display, G54 is Home position..

Click on Machine Coord's Button, It shows 0,0,0, So the G55 is like jogging to a spot and Zeroing the Axies, more or less.

So now goto "Diagnostic Window", Theres a window just to the right of  the Reset Button click on it, it'ill ( New Word Sorry) turn Yellow,

type in G54 Enter Current Pos. should be 0,0,0 and Work Offset should be 0,0,0, Now tipe in G55 Enter, should see -1,--1,+1 and +1,+1,-1

So now you have a +1 offsett XYZ, new tooling plate corner for a 1 inch plate, the actual distance for Z axis to get to the top of tooling fixture will be a

larger number depending how high it home SW is.

G54 and G55 in your G-code will move cutter to there set Positions.

The MDI Window will allow inputs also to see the ABS distance from Home is "Machine Button" Off , to see Pos from current tool table 0,0,0

turn it ON.

So the G55 is like jogging to a spot and Zeroing the Axies, more or less.

Think this is Correct, Hope it makes sense.

On exit of mach save the Offsets window will open up, save them.

Digest this I'll Post tool Info later,Chip

(edited Z values) Had them backwards, surprised some yon didn't jump in on this mess-up. No Adult supervision, H-U !!

(edit 2 ) to make beter sense. More work needed. back in a while
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