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Dives Enable Contacts
« on: December 01, 2013, 06:29:53 PM »
I was reading another thread here and it was suggested if you use an Estop switch with 2 contacts (NO & NC), the NC contact would go to MACH via the Estop input and the NO contacts would connect to the drives enable signal.

My Estop has 2 contacts as per above, and the NC would go to Mach but the drives (Keling KL-4030) have Enable + and -. Never used before these contacts so the minus will go to GND and the plus can I take it to the same pin as the Estop or I have to use a different pin?

I also have the C41 board which also has an Enable contact next to the +5V power supply. As I understand, I can use this Enable contact with a NO switch to cut all drives motion. Is there any difference between this Enable switch and the one above with the Estop?