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Author Topic: when running part wanders to the right cutting comes back to zero off that amoun  (Read 2767 times)

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the more holes i cut the more y veeres to the right when back to zero its off that amount to the right any suggestions

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Stalling stepper because your motor tuning is too agressive?
what is the proper fix im kinda new at this
slowed everything down in motor tuning still get same results even on dry run
running on axyz 4008

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Reduce your velocity and accel 50% and try again.

okay that helped some cut problem in half played with it some still cant get it all the way little under an 1/8 toward end of run and off at home i did swap drive motors and 6410 drives its axyz 4008 table
Are you using a PSU that delivers enough voltage at peak demand?
My PSU is only rated at the stepper voltage  - it's what came with the machine and is probably what's required with the control box which also came with the machine.
When I replace the controller I'll be using a higher curent and voltage PSU as the new stepper drivers I'll be using control current to the motor,