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Author Topic: MPG4-6 and MPG2 (6 and 4 axis MPGs), from CNC4PC plugin..beta..  (Read 10058 times)

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Re: MPG4-6 and MPG2 (6 and 4 axis MPGs), from CNC4PC plugin..beta..
« Reply #10 on: October 07, 2013, 07:25:31 AM »

   I know this if frustrating for you, and I cannot tell you why it does not work for you. There must be some other configuration issue going on with your XML. Other users (Arturo and some of his clients, all had it working correctly right out of the gate).

   I would recommend, starting a new Test profile, clone with default values. and then only enable the axis, spindle, I/O, and other stuff needed to run your pendant. (not hooked to a machine).  Make sure your running the latest lock down version of M3. Here is the thing that makes me think you have a configuration issue. If you can also see all this in Brains, and ASSUMING that the Brains you are using, are controlling the Step Selection boxes 1-3, and you see under brain view that it is turning these "Buttons" on.... then something else is blocking, misconfigured, corrupted, or overriding those commands.
    Make sure you don't have Brains (any of them that do what the plugin is doing and vice-versa), running at the same time with the plugin.  Make sure you don't have any Macropump or cyclic code running at the same time that might conflict. RECHECK the stuff on your General Config Page.

     If it still doesn't work, then you will need to find something else to make it work for you. Worse case scenario, you could pipe it in through a combination the UserLEDs on the Map all I/O screen set, into a Macropump and do it that way.

Good luck
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