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Author Topic: X2 Motor Tuning Rapid Problem  (Read 37776 times)

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Re: X2 Motor Tuning Rapid Problem
« Reply #10 on: September 09, 2013, 07:12:28 AM »
I have not read the complete thread ........
You motor is getting  hot due to high current drive setting. So reduce the amps and see if the clicking sounds goes away.
Hot steppers do weird things.

The clicking can be due to stuff running in the background, as Gerry said and also a crappy signal coming from the PP.
In general, if due to a bad signal from the PP, there is no cure since the affending signal is already mixed in.
So due what Gerry recommended. One axis at a time please!


Re: X2 Motor Tuning Rapid Problem
« Reply #11 on: May 12, 2014, 08:48:25 AM »
lil bit of everything here :)

i find that steppers, left idling, can get hot from their angular position. think about it. they have 200 steps say. they land on one of them, theyre fine, they dont require much power to stay put.

when they stop on one of the halfway steps due to microstepping, a lot of power is consumed as first one coil is energised, pulling things that way, then the other.

hysteresis and eddy currents and such forth. but then, clicking can be other things to. i dont argue that there can be other things afoot.

the stepper, or the drive clicks?.

anyways. a fair temperature rise at times in steppers, i consider fairly normal, especially when idle!

i may be wrong, its just my theory.

mine never seem to get as hot when being used heavily as when idling, at least. strange that?

acceleration curves. and velocity.

obviously you found that in motor tuning. i advise starting low, and working up. 100IPM. 10 for accel. or .25 seconds or something. you can almost count down its acceleration curve. its guaranteed to never skip a step, under the heaviest of cuts.

the machine is useless if it loses steps just by making rapid moves!

akin to a drag car...you dont go nowhere if you just spin the wheels, no matter how much power you have! its all about controlling that power ;)

also, if it can accelerate fast enough, it will break things due to g forces... unlikely but theres the possibility. more likely to break tools when zeroing! slow and steady does it. slow accel is real nice when jogging up to a surface. gives you some time :) other times its annoying as all hell! its a compromise...

you increase it to what looks good. i think i run mine so its at 0.1 seconds, or about 12. as for max speed...kernel speed can also affect this, but...starting with the lowest, default kernel speed, set max speed so it can beat a snail there, isnt scary fast, and doesnt obviously lose steps!

its only a lil mill, it doesnt need much :) all that overdoing it achieves is frustration.
Re: X2 Motor Tuning Rapid Problem
« Reply #12 on: December 09, 2014, 02:59:36 PM »
I hope this information isn't too late but if anyone else has encountered problems with a clicking noise in their probotix steppers, I found that this solution helps:

The probotix stepper motor drivers, like the probostepvx, have mode switches to control the step output of the motors. Unfortunately, since the mode switches are actual physical switches, they can not be set to exactly the number of steps that are usually required, because there is a sixteenth separation between the steps set by the switches. However, if you set the mode switches to a step value that is close to the step value set in Mach3, it should eliminate the clicking noise. It worked for me. Another problem is stepper motor jitter, which I haven't completely solved yet but I think is related to an adjustment of the VREF.

Or just contact probotix, they are usually sort of responsive so maybe they could help.