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Author Topic: Quick bit of advice please. Want to write wizards and know - nothing much!  (Read 2572 times)

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Hi. I did trawl through a few pages on this topic. And read the whole post on the programmers reference manual which included a lot of off topic stuff.

I need a quick push in the correct direction on where to start so I can build my own very basic wizards for a cnc router. Will be very basic operations such as 3 rectangular pockets, with the size/depth/position etc quickly fed in to achieve the job(s) in a very nice and easy setup time.

What threw me was not knowing exactly which language I need to learn. Thought VB(?) was the one for Mach 3, but reading the post I saw there were several other options?

5 years ago I didnt even know what a CNC Router was. Have since built several, learned everything else I needed too. Now, I need to learn this. Without asking how actually to do it, could someone please just give me the push in the right direction where to start so I can write my own wizards?

Currently I am making drawings with CAD, then Cambam to get my G-code. For the basic stuff I am using the inbuilt wizards. Just need more and am happy to spend the time learning.

Many thanks in advance.

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The Mach2 Customization guide covers Wizards.

2010 Screenset

JointCAM Dovetail and Box Joint software
Gerry? Fantastic. Exactly what I needed. Once again you help me out.

Best Regards

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The programming language is strictly speaking Cypress Enable ( a subset of Microsoft VB ) it is easy to learn but it is useless at error reporting so there are many little secrets to getting it all to run correctly. Perhaps that makes the learning fun (perhaps not).

There is so much information with working examples you could perhaps check out the following…

Macro Programmers Reference
Reference of available VBScript commands

Customising Mach2


Video tutorials;


Other links;


Good fortune with your quest.

Great stuff. I did have to take a wee break during one of the tutorials though it spun my head around.

But, I have learned enough to realize its worth pushing further. What I do like, is the way the brains work. Thats very cool and will allow me to tweak my own machine to my requirements. I expect I am going to need some help from a guru on the more complicated wizards though and will be back.

I love the internet. I knew nothing, absolutely nothing about CNC and building them. Now am onto machine #4. 3 Routers and a retrofitted metal lathe. So thanks to all the gurus on this forum and other forums. You do make a difference. Just like the gurus in workshops who take the time to train their colleagues instead of building their own personal empires. Digital handshakes from me.