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Author Topic: Warning, warning. Newbie! - Help on new installation  (Read 3316 times)

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Warning, warning. Newbie! - Help on new installation
« on: November 06, 2005, 03:28:35 AM »
I'm gonna have to start out with kind of a general description and question. 

My previous setup: Cnc Crafter, Microsystems DOS CNC Controller.  Two parallel ports for the signals.  I think the home/limits are normally open, in parallel.

Bought Bob Campbell's Breakout Board Plus, wired it in and began setting up Mach3.

Limit switches light up appropriate led's on breakout board like I think they should, but step/dir led's stay constantly lit with no changes.  Can't get out of estop.  At this point I can't see any signs of interaction between the breakout board or CNC and Mach3.

Looking for some ideas for what these symptoms might suggest.

Re: Warning, warning. Newbie! - Help on new installation
« Reply #1 on: November 06, 2005, 06:38:25 PM »
hi  i use same board  as you
have you set up the inputs in  mach 3  to suit this board   and check they are set to operate at the correct level  ie active high / active low   depending on how you have wired in your switches  as defult the pin and port numbers are wrong 

I tend to wire active high     the voltage is held down while switch is closed 0 volts to input if swith opens  voltage comes up high  and this is a limit condition

i find with this way i could only use only 1 set of limit conections on bobs board  else it did not see the limit  wired both switches in serise with each other and back to one input