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Author Topic: Amount of milled millimeters in Mach3 and prediction how long something will mil  (Read 2925 times)

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Hi There,

I am using Mach 3 now for several weeks and getting the hang of it. Thanx to the help of a a dutch guy I've met here the configuration and usage of mach3 was a piece of cake with about 0 knowledge upfront. If somebody does some explaining the majority is logical (for the few percent i use mach3)

Now i have 2 questions i cannot fiend the answer for:

-1- Is there a screen/method to see how many millimeters have to be milled, or were milled. We invoice normally by the milled millimeter, so it makes sense knowing how much we've milled.
-2- is there a way of predicting the time to be consumed to mill a file ?? i know i can run the mill offline, but i don't mean that function.

Thanx in advance


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Some cam programs proivde that information to some degree. If you open the Tool Path tab in Mach you will see an Estinated Program Run Time and that devided by feedrate can give you a rough total travel distance.