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Author Topic: Some help connecting DMC-2183 DC24V coupled with 2 x ICM-20105 to steppers  (Read 5009 times)

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Hi, i need some help connecting the DMC-2183 DC24V coupled with 2 x ICM-20105 in stepper mode.  I posted that at the galil forum but for 2 weeks no answer.

Surely somebody here have done that and could shed some light;

Please some help connecting servos / via step dir mode like steppers/ . I have read extensively the documentation but there are some details i don't understand well as i am not very good with electronics.

What have done so far:
-Sinking Configuration
-For 24V isolated enable, tied +24V of external power supply to AECOM1 at axis D-sub, tied common return to AECOM2.
-Replaced RPAE2 with a 4.7 kΩ resistor pack
- at 15-Pin Male D-sub , have connected also pin2. Amp enable X to enable the external servo amplifiers

Now there are things that i have not clear and need help with:
- at pin 15 PWM/step X and pin 8 Sign/dir X go the positive step and dir signals. But where i connect the other 2 corresponding wires return/negative from drive ? To pin10 Ground or to pin 9 Amp enable common-2 (AECOM2) ???
-at drive manual says it operates at 5v and to add 2kΩ at step and dir inputs when is 24V operated. But we have already the RPAE2 4.7 kΩ resistor pack at the exit signal right? So do i add that additional 2k?

Additional questions
-resistor pack RPAE1 always stays 470Ω, right? We change only RPAE2 depending on voltage, right.?
-do i need to do something else apart from changing the jumpers for step motors

Spindle speed control question
-for spindle 0-10v control via MACH3 i understand i connect to axis H for example. One wire i connect to the pin 14 Motor Command , where i connect second wire - To pin10 Ground or to pin 9 Amp enable common-2 (AECOM2) ?
-i have removed the step jumper on the board, is that right

Thanks in advance!