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Author Topic: Turning ON/OFF Spindle when Gcode is Running  (Read 8167 times)

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Re: Turning ON/OFF Spindle when Gcode is Running
« Reply #10 on: May 10, 2013, 05:14:11 PM »
Actually i was thinking about your issue. Could a Brain be used to watch your manual spindle switch and send commands to GS2 accordingly?
Mach3 executes a M03(CW) S500.
User turns Spindle switch from CNC controled position to OFF, changing state of GS2 to stop.
User then turns Spindle Switch to CCW, sending the command to GS2.
Dont really know, just throwing some ideas. :)

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Re: Turning ON/OFF Spindle when Gcode is Running
« Reply #11 on: May 10, 2013, 06:40:58 PM »
Possibly Troy, I'll have to play with it some more later.  It runs well and I can work around it but I want it to be right.  The thing that is troubling is this....... with the source of operation selection being digital and analog inputs, it really shouldn't matter what you send over serial.  Once those options are selected, the others should be ignored and only those selected should be respected and visa verse.  I have the brains set up so that they can not send a run command or change directions while in manual mode.  AUD says to be sure the drive has the stop command and it is the last command sent before switching to manual mode.  I'm doing that and still no joy.  They are testing this as well and have been absolutely great so far.  The reason they are testing it BTW is they think it should be working flawlessly the way I have it set up so it will be interesting to find out what they find.  I could possibly have a problem with my drive.  I have had it for years and just recently started controlling it over serial.

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