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Author Topic: Are there any step by step instructions for 3-axis relief carving using Mach3?  (Read 5106 times)

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I am a desperate newbie.  lol  5 months ago I bought a new, very nicely made CNC router built by an industrial engineer that came with Mach3 and Cut2D.  The engineer ran a quick, simple test with me over the phone using the Cut@D software and the machine worked perfectly but I could not possibly remember all of the steps that he put the Mach3 through.  I subsequently bought ArtCam Express for the tool path software and luckily found an extremely talented 3D ArtCam modeler that created a beautiful deer scene that I want to carve.  IMHO it's the best 3D model I've seen anywhere on the internet.  He was very helpful and showed me in his own video the step by step operations I needed to perform in ArtCam Express to create the tool path and post processor, but I do not have a clue as to the steps I need to follow in Mach3 to carve my model, especially since i need to change the tooling (bits).  I have looked at many of the Mach3 tutorial videos but unless I'm missing something,  none of them seem to show the basic steps I need to know.  Why doesn't someone sell a video for the normal use of Mach3 for relief work projects such as mine?  That would seem like a no-brainer.  I want to use a 1/4" ball-nose for the roughing pass and a 1/16" bit for the final pass.  Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!  Thanks!

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The Vectric site has information, although not specific to Mach3, which relates to 3D carving and this may help http://support.vectric.com/training-material/cut3d

Thanks, appreciate it Tweakie...wish it was specifically about Mach3 but helpful just the same...probably the best help I've seen so far....but still for the life of me why
doesn't someone show the same tutorial, step by step, needed for Mach3?  Completely baffles me!  It's like a scavenger hunt trying to just get just the basic necessary steps...
in 1,2,3...fashion.  I haven't dared wing it yet, fearing that I will break the machine, and it will become a very expensive boat anchor.  lol

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doesn't someone show the same tutorial, step by step, needed for Mach3
Mach does what it is instructed to do based on the gcode given to it. Mach is configured to your machine. CAD / Cam software creates tool pathng
based on how YOU want to machine a piece.

If Mach is configured properly for your machine, you have defined the machining via CAD / CAM which creates a tailored file for use by Mach, then all that is needed is to load the file and start running it.

CNC is not plug and play and you will need to invest some time becoming knowledgable about how it all works and ties together.


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