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Author Topic: Sable-2015 Cuts Small  (Read 7460 times)

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Sable-2015 Cuts Small
« on: April 26, 2013, 11:07:56 PM »
Hello, I am having some trouble getting my CNC Machine (Sable-2015) I purchased around 2 years ago and now have sometime to play around with it. The trouble I am having is when I load a G-Code into Mach 3 and perform a Cycle Start. The motors start moving but the size of the project is small and is not sized right. I have been searching and trying different settings in Mach 3 but haven't gotten very far. The CNC machine is attached to a 3Axis+1-8435 Stepping Motor Drive -> LPT port on a desktop running Windows XP. Here is my Mach 3 settings.

Native Units: MM
Kernel Speed: 35000Hz
Motor Outputs:
X Axis: Step Pin# 2, Dir Pin # 3, Step Low: Enabled
Y Axis: Step Pin# 4, Dir Pin # 5, Step Low: Enabled
Z Axis: Step Pin# 6, Dir Pin # 7, Step Low: Enabled
Output Singnals:
Enable1: Port # 1, Pin # 14, Active Low: Enabled
Enable2: Port # 1, Pin # 8, Active Low: Enabled
Enable3: Port # 1, Pin # 9, Active Low: Enabled
Motor Tuning and Setup:
X Axis: Steps per: 533.333, Velocity: 799.8, Acceleration: 150, Step Pulse: 1, Dir Pulse: 1
Y Axis: Steps per: 533.333, Velocity: 799.8, Acceleration: 150, Step Pulse: 1, Dir Pulse: 1
Z Axis: Steps per: 533.333, Velocity: 799.8, Acceleration: 100, Step Pulse: 1, Dir Pulse: 1

Also on the controller board itself the excitation Mode is set to W1-2 Phase. I have tried 2 Phase Excitation mode which does seem to size the cut right but the motors seem to move to fast and lock up.

Any Help would be nice, Thanks...

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Re: Sable-2015 Cuts Small
« Reply #1 on: April 27, 2013, 05:48:52 AM »
That code looks to me to be inch code, ie tool dia 0.125, typical axis moves of decimal units. There however ios no G20 in the codes header so Mach is running it in the native units, ie running it as metric and thus it is tiny. If you edit the code and add a line at the start with G20 on it I think it will run fine for you.