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soft limit errors
« on: April 30, 2013, 05:03:01 PM »
OK, I haven't perfected my machine yet to 100% reliability.  A lot of the times I get a soft limit exceeded error and I am usually in the middle of all my axis and all the way up with Z of course.  This is a random occurrence.  in the beginning of running this new program I got two occasions where the machine skipped the Z move completely about once every 30 parts.  Today I had a situation where the program skipped the Final G0 ( I usually put that there so my vise is more easily accessible).  I am praying all the way that mach never skips a Z move before rapiding ( $100 keyseat cutter) or any other moves to get the cutter out of the workpiece.  This I get besides all the extra steps here and there.  Maybe its because of servo 120 VDC lines next to Rj45s that transmit step and Dir signal?  I  just had to change my ESS limit debounce to 500 microsecond and that's after getting all the fancy shmancy input and output line reactors for my VFD and RFI/EMI filter installed.


On a side note, I am thinking aluminum screen faraday cage grounded and placed around VFD?  24VDC limit switches, shileded cable for my step and dir signal.  any other suggestions?