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Author Topic: Help: Laser zero, travels incorrect distance. (Big-Tex screen)  (Read 2203 times)

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Dear All.
(Warning: Newbie)
I'm running the latest MACH3 version and using the Big-Tex blue screen set for probing.

Now. I'm using a USB-endoscope (webcam) to zero in on my work piece.
In the "Settings tab" in enter the "Laser offset" fx. X=10, Y=10
Back on the "Program Run" tab, i click on the "Laser Zero" button, and expect the Y and X axis to travel 10 units (mm i my case)

However: X travel 6.1275 and Y travels 0.41something. ??

I have tried saving, changed back to normal screenset, which also states correct offset, back again, open/close, reboot.
It somply dosen't care about what i enter as offset.

The axis are calibrated, and moves correct via MPG / G-code.

Any suggestion ?