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Re: LPT Port Power
« Reply #10 on: April 01, 2013, 02:23:16 PM »
Tried that and still no luck. Like I said before I made sure I turn off the on-board LPT in the BIOS. Look like I am going to have to get there Computer or Get a Gecko 540 with a power supply and stepper motors since the wires from the Sherline ones don't connect to the Gecko board. At least with there Computer I will have the Voltage I need and then go from there to get Mach to run. I am going to "Cabin Fever" in a couple of weeks and then I can talk to the people from ArtSoft since they are going to be there. Will let you guys know what happens. Does anyone know if Mach 3 runs under Linux without big problems? Also in device manager it shows 2 I/O address, tried both of them but still no luck, also tried them with the Sherline box check but nothing.

Thank You
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Re: LPT Port Power
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You guys might not believe this but I talk to a Tech at Sherline, the girl that answered the phone had him call me when he got in. After I told her what was going on she told me to talk to him before I order the Computer. Well me and Fred talk for about a good 45 minutes and the whole time he keep trying to talk me out of getting the computer, form what he told me is that I got a setting or more wrong in Mach 3, he never ran the software so he couldn't help me. So needless to say I didn't order the computer, right before he call me I was looking at Gecko's website and was going to order the 540 and motors with the power supply and the cables. Does anyone know if beside the box you can put a check in for Sherline 1/2 Pulse mode is there a certain way the settings have to be for using the Sherline? It has to be that I got something wrong in my setup. I have the PDF printed out as a book, been through it more time than I can remember follow it just like it says, also tried different setting I seen on the web ( so that is why I am saying I probably have more than one setting wrong ). Can someone post some pictures of what the setup should be for me Please. I don't have that much hair on my head left as it is.

Thank you all for the help you have been.