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Author Topic: Switching Power Supply Multiplier with Back EMF Clamp 80V, 50V, 25V up to 1050W  (Read 3732 times)

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Hello again!

At the risk of overdoing the shameless self-promotion, I wanted to also let you know about our new line of regulated switching power supplies.  I have been using Gecko Drives and similar for years for bigger machine retrofits and finding an affordable 80V regulated supply that can handle the back EMF from decelerating motors has been a real challenge.  Based on the idea that other folks have this same problem I have come up with a solution that has these two primary features:

      1.  Multiple power supplies can safely be installed in series to increase output voltage
      2.  The power supplies and load (Gecko Drives) are protected from over-voltage due to motor back EMF

The Back EMF Clamp is a thoughtfully designed circuit that uses a comparator and MOSFET to dissipate the back EMF energy, and diodes protect each supply for safe series operation.  Pricing for just the back EMF Clamp for one power supply is $48.75.  We sell 3 models for one, two, and three series power supplies, along with complete power supplies.  Our most powerful supply is 80Vdc @ 14.6A and is $247.06.

Please check out www.protoplant.com/power for full details, there are a lot of features that I have not mentioned here.  We have put a ton of work into the power web page and you can download complete documentation, including 2D drawings and solid models of all our products.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments, any feedback would be great!
Thanks for checking this out,