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Support for arduino over serial
« on: February 25, 2013, 08:02:19 PM »
Hi folks,

this is my first post here so i hope its in the right place.

i am in the process of developing a plugin for mach3 which enables people to develop remote controls with an arduino.
This is done with a serial connection. This works so far. I only got one problem that i cant find a solution for.
Since mach3 only updates the plugin data a few times per second i cant get jogging to work properly. The last thing i tried is putting actual gcode commands to mach3 calculating the steps myself.
This loses lots and lots of steps as you would expect when it updates only every few milliseconds.
Is there any command to send steps like you would from a encoder wheel from the plugin sdk ? I guess it can be done since there are a few plugins which use jogging and work fine.
I am quite new to the c language (have developed a lot in other languages) so don't hit me to hard :)
The plugin will be published once i feel ready for it including source code :)

Kind regards,
Hendrik Vingerhoet

ps. please excuse my bad grammar, im not a navite english speaker.