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VFD Input Erratic
« on: January 17, 2013, 12:10:52 AM »
Hi Friends
I'm finishing some final touches off on my lathe and setting up. For some unforeseen reason I'm getting a floating voltage coming back to me VFD. I have the vfd controlled by a DC03 Digispeed working fine, will control forw, rev stop and speed. Now the speed part has a glitch, with the VFD. The 0-10v input is very stable and can be controlled anywhere in that range. Now If I get the motor turning all is fine except at lower speed, Where if I wanted 1/10 th speed say 1v input now I get anywere from 2-3 volts but anything over 3 volts control works well. If I use the VFD manually I can get the full speed range, but when controlled by Mach I'm losing the lower end, or should I say I'm getting an extra bit of voltage into the system.
Now all cables are shielded and the shielding is grounded to a common point on only one side of the cable.
Could this be noise? Or is there a glitch with the VFD?