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Author Topic: Spindle DRO (Mach2)  (Read 2586 times)

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Spindle DRO (Mach2)
« on: January 31, 2007, 03:26:34 AM »
Sometimes when I'm running g-code I want to bump the spindle speed or
feedrate DRO's to fine tune a feed. Bumping the feedrate DRO causes the
actual feedrate to change almost immediately. Bumping the spindle speed
DRO, though, seems to only enable the change sometime later - maybe a
minute or so later. Does anyone know why the delay? Is this a feature
of Mach2 or our hardware? This only happens while
running code. The spindle speed changes are immediate otherwise.


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Re: Spindle DRO (Mach2)
« Reply #1 on: January 31, 2007, 07:23:07 AM »
I think the delay comes from Mach having to see the next rate/spindle speed. In other words, if Mach sees a feed rate of 100 IPM and is running at 100 IPM. You adjust the rate, it doesn't change until it sees another F value. I have not had time to test as I would like. I'm not sure if the number of lines look ahead affects this. In any case, I would want my number of lines look ahead as high as possible.

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