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Bitmap Button
« on: January 08, 2013, 07:14:36 AM »
Hello MachScreen users

someone sent me an Email. When I answer that Email, I get an error saying the Email is rejected from the SMTP server. Hoping that user is also a member of that forum, I place that question in here:

Dear Mr. Klaus Dietz,
Its my pleasure contact you after to check your great web site.
I am *********xx Yyy from Chile, so I am an current user of Mach3 Mill with my DIY CNC Router machine.
After to check your web site I can understand that you had builded a Machscreen designer that can make personalized screensets of this control program that in their screenset design show some limitations specially in the mecanizing image area.
I can understand that your Machscreen program do not get license limitations, althought I get a problem at the moment of to try to put some new image button bitmap when I had tried to edit a new screenset (according with yours tutorials instructions), so after to save the correspound new project, when I had tried to load through Mach 3 this new screenset then the bitmap button edited do not appear in the screenset of Mach3. Question is: The Machscreen request some special type of bimap path??? So its challenges from my side at take me the last 3 days without results, so I will be glad to hear some suggestion from you side.
Hopefully awaiting for yours comments,
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Re: Bitmap Button
« Reply #1 on: January 08, 2013, 07:18:43 AM »

In the Options->Settings dialog you can set a “User defined image path”, most users won't need that. This is for developers who need different versions of images on the same page.
Supposing you haven't set that field, your bitmaps must reside under the C:\Mach3\Bitmaps directory (where C:\Mach3 is the Mach3 installation path).
The easiest way would be to develop your screen set on a machine, where Mach3 is installed.

The brain isn't a soap, it doesn't shrink when used.