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Author Topic: Report Any NC Pod Driver, Firmware or Documentation Download Problems Here  (Read 21854 times)

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Mr. Carl says that movement of USB2.0 is necessary. However, I estimate that upload is not possible by a problem before it. ::)

"USB 2.0" is introduced into my "WIN2K" and will need it. How can I confirm it if I do it? ???
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I'm having trouble with losing NC Pod connection.  After an hour or so it just dies and I have to restart the computer to get things going again.  Since my programs are normally 4 or 5 hrs in length, this is a problem.  Where to turn?
T. Byrd
Because he tries it hard to finish a good work anytime, he does not give me off so pessimistically.
I may expect it in the next firm ware more. :o