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Author Topic: On restart, is tool (and or its offset) indicated true?  (Read 1819 times)

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On restart, is tool (and or its offset) indicated true?
« on: October 27, 2012, 01:20:26 PM »
   I have been going thru the process of setting up some tools on my mill using TTS holders. Everything was going well. I was able to call a tool, install requested tool. Hit go to zero and each tool would succesively go to the zero location established with tool 1 as the master (though I still question if the diameter is being considered?) It hits the Z level perfect. Anyway yesterday I reopened Mach3 and it indicated tool 6 was in the spindle (it was) and I reloaded a code and hit cycle start. I watched in absolute disbelief as it proceeded to run a .25 2flute thu my table. I hate it when that sh!t happens. Only damaged my ego and understanding. The tools seem to be remembered due to their offsets but maybe a reference is forgotten? I am not even sure of how to ask the question.

   Should I always (or do I have to) install tool 1 at the beginning of the opening of Mach and touch it off on the part surface even if this is where I closed it down from the previous day? After that I am pretty sure it would be prudent to do it anyway but just curious of expectations.

   I also mentioned I wasnt sure about the diameter being considered. In my tool table i have tool 1 (a TTS passive LED touch probe, also the longest tool so far). It has a .4 diameter ball on the end which I have entered in the table. I touched off on a piece of stock yesterday in X, Y & Z (again with tool 1, in the spindle and indicated in the Mach window). I then called for a tool change, installed requested tool (.25 diameter 2 flute) and hit go to zero. It appeared to go the exact same spot as tool 1 was leaving an gap between the side of the tool and the piece. Z was fine.

   I am sure it is operator error and misunderstanding. There is one thing I have learned in this hobby, any denial of learning disabilities are now confirmed. I can read over and over with no understanding. Sometimes just reading one response will make the light bulb go on. Do I just enjoy the frustration and challenge? That is a different forum.
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