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Help with General Setup
« on: August 23, 2023, 08:04:57 PM »
OK here is the story in brief.  A good friend and I built a Mitzloff router from his plans 17 years ago.  It sat unused in his garage for 15 years when he moved to Michigan.  I recently went and picked it up and I am trying to revive it from the dead.  My future plans are to upgrade from the G100 we originally in it, but I am trying to re-set it up again using a new computer with no prior configuration access (the old computer died from neglect).  I have access to the latest G100 mach3 setup guide but a lot of the stuff is outdated or for a windows XP machine (Im running Windows 10).  I believe the g100 was flashed with the correct firmware but I am getting an error when connecting (trying to connect). 

Error during RUN phase: Communication/programming error
1) Master partition: inst=0 part=0 ecode=777
Connection Lost
2. Master partition: inst=0 part=0 ecode=777
Connection Lost

I have nothing setup in Mach (not sure what I need to set), but I can communicate using the G-rex loader and I have a valid IP address for the G100 but when I select the Launch Firmware Loader, I get a cant reach this page on the browser

Any remedial help would be appreciated.  Thanks