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Author Topic: Problems With Mach3 under Windows XP  (Read 8175 times)

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Re: Problems With Mach3 under Windows XP
« Reply #10 on: August 25, 2012, 08:12:17 AM »
Hi Red,

Thanks for the information.

I am at the point with this problem that I am in the process of wiping everything and starting again with a clean install of windows. I will probably go with the 32 Bit version of Windows 7, although I am not completely sure. I have the latest version of Mach3 installed on my development computer, so I can test run the G code as it is created. It runs with no problem. Of course, there is no printer port and no Cutter connected, which could be why it runs so well.

I will, of course, give your suggestion a go on the way to wiping everything. Maybe I will be lucky.

One way or the other, I will get it running as it should.

Thanks again.