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Author Topic: Having Setup Problems with Probotix V90  (Read 1700 times)

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Having Setup Problems with Probotix V90
« on: July 21, 2012, 02:06:42 AM »
Hello, I'm having some problems with Limits, Homing and Regen path and Reset.

I've been at this for days........

First off, with my limit switches are set and on (see images below) Mach 3 won't let me reset because it says my limit switches
are triggered (they're not, the gantry (and z) is off the switches), it seems to have a problem with the machine limits and says
that it's out of limits so they're triggered.....I really don't understand this.

Second, when I jog my crosshairs in the table display and want to set the toolpath to the new crosshair position , the regen toolpath
doesn't do anything?

Third, I got the homing to work after a couple of days, it homed to the switches, bounced off and set there....that's good right? But then
when I moved my crosshairs it I got an Reset/stop condition, which I get a large gray pop up that asks me if I want to auto uncheck the switch? which I say yes. And then I can jog again.
I figured that screen wasn't helping so I checked the "don't show this screen again"...that was a mistake, How do I get that pop up to come back?

I've seen the Mach3 instructional videos and they didn't really help me.

I've searched this forum for homing stuff and haven't really seen a good Step by Step guide of how to set home.

If anyone could answer these questions, or link me to some information relating to my problems I'd be so grateful.

Oh, and I'm using the 500 G-code limit demo, I wanted to make sure this worked before I purchased it.

And, I'm on windows XP, 1.8 GHz Pentium

Thanks, for reading.

Wiring image Ports and Pins
Homing limits X AND Z limit switches