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Author Topic: Selecting number of "instances" of a program (hard to describe in a subject)!  (Read 5231 times)

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As I'm looking through your code, I'm having a really hard time following what's going on.  Is there a good guide anywhere on how mach 3 handles variables and subroutines?  Perhaps you could comment your code a bit more or describe a general code flow?

At the end of the day, I'm hesitant to set my look ahead to 1 but it's probably not a bad idea to understand how this works.
Hi Banduramaker,
I attached a new file. May be (or not) it's easier to read and understand.
How to work with parameters is found in the manual.
You can set your LookAhead to what you want, it is ok.
The way i did it in the attached code is only one way to get what you want.
If all parts have the same distance you can do it using G52. If your parts
have every time the same position on your table you can use G10.
In all cases you have to work with parameters to stop machining when an amount
of pieces is reached. You also can try the nesting wizard.
foggot the file!