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Help with Tuning issue
« on: November 22, 2014, 11:37:51 AM »
 I have asked this before but never got an answer. Galil DMC2030, 3 axis servo, Galil plug-in V4.4.0.0. Tuning in Galil WSDK motors respond perfectly. Smooth motion, no noise, 1,000,000 AC and DC, BG and JG commands make the motors do exactly what they are supposed to do. But when I go into Mach3, X axis jerks bad. Y is not as bad but certainly a bit more noise than in Galil terminal mode. Z about the same. Changes motor settings on all 3 axes to 120 velocity and 20 accel. I am trying to find out why my PID tuning parameters need to be changed. How is Mach working with the Galil to monitor position? Does Mach send BG commands then leave it up to Galil to complete the move or does it intervene during the move to alter the position and velocity based on Mach's calculations? How would be the best way to tune the servo motors for use with Mach3?
Thanks, Allen